Owner retains the overview of the log

Owner retains the overview of the log Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Owner retains an overview of the logbook Secusoft, the software for security guards
As the owner of a private security company, only you keep an overview of what is happening within the Secusoft back office of your company.

For example, the log and control of actions within Secusoft are fully visible to the master account holder. You are the only one that keeps control at all times of what your employees are doing within Secusoft, which reports and alarm receipts have been prepared and sent, and what is being changed. Even when an attempt is made to add something for which people do not have permission, this is immediately visible.


  • Extensive recording of all actions within the software
  • Back up previous and new data when changing items
  • Diagnosis and detection of problems or incorrect actions
  • Handy search function to quickly find log data

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