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Secusoft has loads of possibilities and functionalities. It is a very comprehensive system specially made for the security industry. Do you have any special wishes? No problem, we can adapt the system to your wishes. Our goal is to make your security company work with Secusoft as efficiently and simply as possible, so you and your staff will safe time.

You don't need to install software to use Secusoft. It is 100% web-based and fully in the cloud.

Below you can see the most important functionalities of our software, with an explanation. Would you like to receive more information? Please email us for an online demo!

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Employees & planning

Employees & planning - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

  • Client instructions - instructions for a specific work location, added by the customer. to the module »
  • Complete personnel file - personnel affairs in order with documents, agreements and automatic reminders. to the module »
  • Employee handbook - Your company policy, rules and instructions clearly visible to all employees. to the module »
  • Employee permissions - Adjust per module and employee what is possible within the software. to the module »
  • Holiday hours - efficient module for keeping track of and changing all holiday hours per employee and per calendar year. to the module »
  • HRM reports - special reporting of employee performance and interviews and reports for trainers of security guards in training. to the module »
  • Internal messaging system - internal messaging system for schedule changes, instruction and notifications. to the module »
  • Notify police - quickly and accurately register security activities with the police with this form. to the module »
  • Progress reports - special report for retraining and reintegration processes involving municipalities or reintegration agencies. to the module »
  • Travel distance - automatically calculate the travel distance via Google Maps. to the module »
  • Time registration - 4 ways to record working times. The smartphone as a digital time clock with GPS location. to the module »
  • Work instructions - clear work instructions for the security guards, general policy and object-specific instructions. to the module »
  • Work schedule - a flexible timetable in different layouts that automatically calculates surcharges and travel distance. to the module »

Clients & Tasks

Clients & Tasks - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

  • Checklist reports - add your own designed checklists to reports so that they can be completed even faster and more accurately, without forgetting anything. to the module »
  • Client tasks - multiple assignments or jobs are hung and each detailed work instructions. to the module »
  • Clients - extensive information about WAs, alarm systems, invoice data and the agreements made with the associated services. to the module »
  • Customer portal - giving the customer access to reports, alarm receipts, invoices and quotations with their own login. to the module »
  • Events - plan events and mail the stake list to the client. All information and services in one place, linked to the timetable. to the module »
  • Key holings - for the keyholders and companies that follow up alarms, the keys received with the corresponding information can be stored here. to the module »
  • Checkpoint registration - scannable tags at fixed locations provide clarity about affected locations and objects. to the module »
  • QR codes and NFC tags - QR codes and NFC tags can be scanned via the smartphone for clocking in, clocking out and surveillance checkpoints. to the module »


Reports - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

  • Alarm receipts - clear information about an alarm that can be emailed directly to the client. to the module »
  • Calamity report - quickly record a suspicious situation or incident including photo and send it immediately by e-mail if desired. to the module »
  • Change of shifts - transfer of business equipment, record damage to service vehicle and transfer of firearms. to the module »
  • Control rounds - report for inspection laps inside and outside a property to note irregularities. to the module »
  • Daily reports - a transferable report to colleague(s) on the same 24 hour or weekly shift. to the module »
  • Entry bans - register denials such as a shopping ban and provide them with name and address details and make a photo of the suspect transparent for colleagues. to the module »
  • Front desk service reports - especially for night porters, hotel security, etc. including fields for cash register transfer. to the module »
  • Key registration - issuing of keys to visitors or employees by the security guard. to the module »
  • Mutations - actions during an incident objectively mutated by special investigative officers and employees of enforcement and supervision. to the module »
  • Official report - supervisors, enforcers and boas can easily prepare an official report. to the module »
  • Picket reports - mutation report for a picket, telephone, or standby service. Think of the call list, sickness reports, etc. to the module »
  • Reports - reporting option for COVID-19 controls and logistics security (trip logs) with extensive capabilities. to the module »
  • Route lists - set fixed routes, checks and closures for the surveillance service per day. to the module »
  • Service reports - various types of reports and layouts, can also be sent directly by e-mail and photos can also be added. to the module »
  • Surveillance combi report - record complete progress of a shift, times at places, kilometers driven and more. to the module »
  • Visitor registration - register arrival and departure visitors and badges, knows who is in the building. to the module »

Mobile surveillance

Mobile surveillance - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

  • Patrol cars - all commercial vehicles for mobile surveillance clearly in one place. to the module »
  • Patrol reports - reporting with comments and actions required or taken for the mobile surveillance patron's client. to the module »
  • Patrol tasks - all tasks for mobile surveillance in a row, so that they can be easily assigned to a service. to the module »
  • Patrol templates - a handy overview of your route list, with the tasks for that service clearly arranged. to the module »


Financial - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

  • Company assets - a place to register company assets, to manage stocks and to have insight into where (and with whom) each product is at that moment. to the module »
  • Expense reports - Advances, lunch allowances, parking costs and other expenses clearly in one place linked to the duty roster. to the module »
  • Invoicing - create and send a professional invoice with as few steps as possible. to the module »
  • Quotations - E-mail a clear quotation, agreement or order confirmation in PDF and later automatically convert it to an invoice. to the module »
  • Purchase invoices - purchase invoices, linked to suppliers for an overview of your business expenses. to the module »
  • Rates - Record rates and price agreements so that they are automatically included on the invoice. to the module »
  • Suppliers - easily conduct comprehensive supplier management with all suppliers, contract data, Chamber of Commerce and VAT numbers in one place. to the module »


Settings - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

  • Add deployment/services groups and types - a workable overview with groups / types, provided with a recognizable icon. to the module »
  • API settings - many options for linking Secusoft to payroll, payroll or accounting. to the module »
  • Automatic overviews - receive various overviews by email at fixed intervals, such as all newly added reports, or a list of persons present at a certain object. to the module »
  • Checklist items - create your own checklist items for checklists that you can add to various reports for different clients. to the module »
  • Classifications - set your own classifications to be able to put employees in categories (eg with VCA). to the module »
  • Defaults Comments - save time by entering frequently made comments into the system beforehand (for istance: A door was open, or: Checked and no particulars found). to the module »
  • File management - so you always have relevant files at hand. to the module »
  • File types - you can find your digital files faster by creating your own `file types`. to the module »
  • Hours import Excel - efficiently import services from Excel directly into your timetable. to the module »
  • Equipment/clothing - an easy way to register company clothing and equipment, and to have an overview of what is true. to the module »
  • Hours CSV export - all data relevant to you in one template for clear insight into your invoicing, personnel, travel costs, remuneration, etc. to the module »
  • LOG - very extensive log in which all actions, login attempts and data are stored. to the module »
  • Log schedule - overview of all changed services and insight into which changes have been made. to the module »
  • Mail groups - set up mail groups for quickly sending messages to specific employees. to the module »
  • My companies - add subsidiaries of your company to your main company and work from one account with different companies. to the module »
  • Police units/brigades - contact details of police units by province for reporting security activities. to the module »
  • Settings - company data, G account, many settings for the preferences can be set yourself. to the module »
  • Standard comments - save yourself unnecessary typing with standard comments, which you can use when creating various reports and alarm receipts. to the module »
  • Surcharges - irregularity allowances are easy to set up and adjust yourself. to the module »
  • Type of calamities/contracts/expenses/rounds - by classifying different types search with filter is possible. to the module »
  • Web Forms - quickly and securely create and send online forms for employee satisfaction and customer evaluations. to the module »
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