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Secusoft takes the wishes of the security guards into account, because we know that they like to work efficiently. Typing the same text a number of times per shift is a waste of time, if you could enter that text over and over again with one mouse click, right? That's why we offer the option to use standard comments to generate mobile surveillance reports.

Efficiently prepare your mobile surveillance report
The mobile surveillance employee will most likely handle multiple tasks per shift. These tasks are pre-selected and clearly arranged in one template. When the security guard makes the same observation a number of times, he can post a standard comment in Secusoft with this handy function, and on!

Examples of standard comments are for example:

  • Opening in accordance with work instructions and no peculiarities observed.
  • I have found the following peculiarity:
  • A window was open on the ground or 1st floor.
  • I walked an outside round and did not notice any peculiarities.
  • I walked an inside lap and did not notice any peculiarities.

The list of standard comments can be adapted or expanded as desired.
The advantages:

  • Work more efficiently through preset comments
  • Standard comments can be set / adjusted yourself
  • Less annoyance because you don't have to type the same thing over and over again

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