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Round report - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Round report

The round report is a special report that you can fill in per check / closing round and email it directly to the customer. 20 photos can be added per report, for example if you have found irregularities such as unlocked doors, blocked emergency exits or other unsafe situations.

Time of arrival and time of departure thus become transparent for the customer, as well as any irregularities. The type of round can also be entered, such as guidance closure, fire and closing round, opening of the building, inside / outside round, etc. For each report you can fill in whether visible damage was found and whether emergency services or other persons were present.

The round report prevents discussions
It is very important to adequately fill in the observations during a control round. With this you record that dangerous situations or irregularities have actually been seen by the security guard and it is recorded what action the security guard has taken. If a client has to solve the situation himself and does not do this with all its consequences, this will prevent the discussion: "the security guard never reported this".


  • Adequate reporting of your observations as a security guard
  • Fast and clear reporting of irregularities to the client
  • Mail the round report directly to the client
  • Easily add 20 photos per lap report

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