Specific report/service report

With the online software from Secusoft you can create a service report with your login code. Several formats are possible, but the most used report is the specific report. The service report can be printed out on a clear page and sent digitally to the customer immediately. It is also possible to provide insight to the customer himself through the customer portal.

Each service report can be linked to a client and 3 photos or documents can easily be added.

Specific report

Service report in which the times and reports/details appear side by side in different columns. Read here what the specific report (HSR) should contain.

With a specific report, the time format is automatically set in the correct format and the transactions are automatically entered in chronological order (time). The object/client is automatically selected if there is a shift for the employee in the schedule for this client and day/time.

Detailed Report
In addition to the time and event, the extensive report can also contain information about who the reporter is, what the action taken was and there is still room for additional comments. read more about extensive report »

Service report front desk
A front desk service report is particularly useful for services where there is a handover from the till. It can also be ticked here whether the checklist has been completed. This is important for (night) porter services in hotels. read more about front desk service report »


  • Different layouts
  • Instantly add 20 photos
  • E-mail the report directly to the client (if there are rights to do so)
  • Easily view each report via a printable page
  • Clear overview with report number (ID), client and name of security guard

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