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My companies splits your BVs - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

My companies splits your BVs

The `My companies` module makes it possible for you as an entrepreneur to manage multiple BVs in your Secusoft account. After all, in the security industry it is common to have different private companies when you provide services under different collective labor agreements.

Such as, for example:

  • Security services
  • Events
  • Traffic/Traffic wardens
  • Facilities/Services

You can easily add a new bv yourself. We at Secusoft then arrange the BVs for you, so that the company details and logos are displayed in the right place. You pay an extra amount of € 75 per eg per month for this.

The `My companies` module has several advantages for you as an entrepreneur. First of all, you have everything in one place, while you work for every company with the user-friendly and very complete software from Secusoft. But there's more:

  • The printout for the payroll administration can easily be divided into different collective labor agreements.
  • The timetable can be divided so that you only see the timetable of a certain bv.
  • You send invoices from your various companies, with company logo, email address, account number and contact and company details. This gives you different invoice series.
  • All reports and alarm receipts are split. Whether it concerns a service report or an event, it is linked to the correct bv.
  • Every event, every employee, assignment and client can be filtered and directly linked to the right bv.

A prerequisite for using the My Companies module is that the additional companies must be subsidiaries affiliated to the main account only, with the same management / board. Completely arbitrary adding or combining security companies is not allowed.

This system is also not intended to combine several different fellow companies with one Secusoft account.

Ask us about the possibilities if you have specific wishes, we are happy to think along with your company!

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