Rights: set who can do and see what

Rights: set who can do and see what Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Within Secusoft, the rights of the employees can be set accurately. As the owner or HR manager of the security company, you have control over what the security officers are allowed to view, add and / or change in the software. Secusoft accurately registers all actions that are performed online in the system, such as login time, and which data has been added or modified.

There are options where, for example, the security guard can only view his / her schedule and not the schedule of others, while a planner can do everything with the schedule. A frequently used setting for reports and alarm receipts is that the security officer may add data and only view and change his / her own reports. You can also set whether the employee can email the report directly to the client or whether someone from the management team can do this after an audit.

No unnecessary buttons in the menu
The modules for which a security guard has no rights automatically disappear from the menu. This keeps the software clear for everyone. As a result, a security guard will only see his schedule and a number of reporting options, while someone from the financial department will only see the invoicing, quotations, rates and clients. The menu is therefore completely flexible to adjust as desired.

An employee account can also be disabled with one click of a button so that logging in is no longer possible, without any history or data being lost.


  • Set up what he she can see, add and change per employee
  • No unnecessary buttons in the menu
  • Determine yourself who can email reports to the customer
  • More rights for managers, for example, can be easily set
  • Quickly enable and disable accounts
  • Extensive log of what an employee does within the software
  • Being allowed to enter availability and set actual times in the roster per employee

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