Registration of key issues

This is a handy module for the security guards at a fixed object with a porter function, concierge function or reception service who manage a key cabinet for general and facility areas.

Practical example:
The security guard has a duty in the gatehouse of the stadium and thereby manages all keys to the building, including the facility areas. An external company will carry out the periodic inspection of the sprinkler system and has to go to the sprinkler room for this. The security guard gives the key and notes the name, company and description of the key. Inspection is ready, the key returned and it is registered as a return in the Secusoft software system.

With the key registration module, the security officer can note to whom a particular key has been issued and why. The date and time of issue and return are noted as well as the department or company name (in case of external persons). With one click of a button, a key can be registered again as a return. The handy feature is that a key registration can be copied with one click the next time if the same person comes up for the same key again later. All data will then already be entered and the date and time of issue will be adjusted automatically. Fast and efficient so that no one has to wait.

The "Key registration" module is linked to the timetable. By default, a security guard only sees the items for the object he is currently working on.


  • Accurate management of keys by the security guard on duty
  • An easy overview to see which keys have not yet been returned
  • Fast and efficient: copying of previous key issuance to the same person
  • The key is registered as a return with one click

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