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Key list for keyholders - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Key list for keyholders

This module is mainly intended for security companies that perform alarm follow-up and surveillance services for their customers and are thus keyholder and take on the key management.

This module makes it possible to keep track of which keys you have received, when and from whom you have received them. You can also note here whether these have been returned to the customer.

It is possible to enter various data such as key numbers, brand, quantity and description. The key numbers are stored in the database with a unique encryption.

The data entered here can of course be used by the invigilators to look up the correct keys when following up on an alarm.


  • Up to 40 different keys can be entered per client
  • Handy status in overview: owned / returned customer
  • Information about what the key is for, brand, key number and quantity
  • 20 documents or photos to attach
  • You can email the entire key list to the client at the touch of a button

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