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Suppliers - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers


The "Suppliers" module is particularly useful for security companies with quality marks or ISO certificates. Each supplier works in a different way. It is therefore important not to look at your suppliers according to a standard pattern, but to take into account subjective differences in the approach. Important factors include up-to-date contract agreements, price, response time and experience. Secusoft helps you conduct rigorous supplier management.

You can check with 1 click per supplier whether the Chamber of Commerce number and VAT number still exist and are correct. You will see the date you last checked this. If you have not checked for more than a year, you will see a red message. You can also set a follow-up date and notification for each supplier. This is useful if, for example, contracts expire or need to be revised. You will automatically receive reminders by e-mail.

Actually seriously assessing your suppliers has added value for your own organization.

The advantages:

  • Meticulous supplier management with just a little effort
  • Insight into the history of your company with various suppliers
  • Useful reminder and notification functions for checking VAT or Chamber of Commerce numbers
  • Insight into the (in) fertility of your collaborative relationships

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