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Invoice program for security companies - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Invoice program for security companies

Secusoft has built in a clear and user-friendly invoice program with which you can easily and quickly prepare invoices and send them directly to your client in PDF format. Thanks to the link with the clients and the pre-set rates, you have almost no typing work and all data is already entered in advance. You can also see your turnover and VAT received per year and quarter in a number of handy tables. This way you always have a clear view of your income.

Are you looking for a good invoice system or is your current program no longer sufficient? Then Secusoft is the right place for you! Secusoft is the all-in-one system with which you can easily arrange schedules, planning, reporting, quotations and invoicing. In our invoicing program you have a clear insight into which amounts are received, in total or sorted per customer.

Working with a G account

With Secusoft it is possible to add your G account and set what percentage of the invoice amount should be transferred to the G account and which part to your regular account. Thanks to this handy function, you no longer have to calculate anything manually. When creating the invoice, you only set the percentage and on the invoice the total amount is automatically split and it is neatly stated which amount must be transferred to the G account.


  • No typing, everything is filled in automatically
  • Automatic splitting of the total amount for G account
  • Useful tables with turnover and VAT received
  • Automatic invoice numbers
  • Automatic calculation of VAT amounts
  • Send directly in PDF
  • Up to 20 documents can be added as an invoice attachment
  • Printable statement for accounting
  • Duplicate invoice with one click with new invoice number and date

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