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Automatic surcharges - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Automatic surcharges

We have good news for all planners. Surcharges are automatically calculated with Secusoft. Per minute and according to the CLA applicable to that employee. So you will immediately see all public holidays, evening, night and weekend surcharges. These settings are flexible and can be set up entirely according to your own wishes.

Automatic calculation
Do you still manually calculate which allowances you have to pay employees, and for how many hours per shift? When you switch to Secusoft, the software does that for you! This saves a lot of time and hassle.

Example 1
When you schedule a security guard for an event, for example a festival, you simply enter the start and end time and date of the shift in the planning software (schedule), and you immediately see how much allowance the employee is entitled to. The system recognizes any holidays.
For example, if this employee works on the Whitsun weekend from Saturday 3 p.m. to Sunday 2 a.m., the weekend allowance of 35% according to the Collective Agreement for Private Security applies from the starting time, and from 00:00 on the public holiday allowance (35%). The total number of hours worked is 11.

Example 2
When you schedule an employee for a weekday shift from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., he or she is entitled to a 6-hour evening and 2-hour night allowance. The total number of hours worked is 10, so no surcharge applies for 2 hours.
You can also see this directly in your schedule.

Personalize default settings
In the Settings menu group you will see the module "Surcharges" on the left. Here you can create supplements yourself and switch existing supplements on or off. We have already used the standard surcharges for the security industry for you.
Note: Make sure that the correct contract is set for the employee and that the new settings (check marks) are correct because the public holiday allowance for permanent employees is different than for on-call employees.

The system can calculate surcharges according to certain rules and values ​​that you can set yourself. You can all apply the CLA Private Security, Events and Catering Security (VBE) or your own CLA. A real solution for security assignments in the catering and event industry, but also for night shifts!


  • Allowance system to be set by yourself
  • Automatically 3 types of irregularity allowance and 2 types of public holiday allowance
  • Shift allowance and overtime allowance can be manually allocated per shift
  • Automatic recognition of holidays
  • Automatic recognition of a permanent or on-call contract

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