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Digital clock system and time registration with NFC tags and QR codes - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Digital clock system and time registration with NFC tags and QR codes

Time registration with QR codes (with GPS)

The QR / NFC module has several options for recording accurate time registration. The easiest way is via a QR code. With a few clicks Secusoft generates a QR code with your logo above it. You can print this QR code yourself in various formats and laminate it if necessary. With a self-adhesive Sticky Bag laminating pouch you can stick it anywhere.

As soon as the employee scans the QR with his / her smartphone, the time and GPS location are immediately registered (after logging in), linked to the employee and client. Immediately after logging in, the employee sees any details or work instructions that belong to this location.

Advantages of time registration with QR codes:

  • Low / no costs, no equipment required and printable yourself
  • Simple and contemporary way of time registration
  • Reliable and quick to set up
  • A “own” QR code with company logo, can also be laminated
  • Also records GPS location
  • Linked to the employee and client
  • No apps or software are required to use, just a 4G or WiFi connection

NFC tags

The modern mobile time recorder works via an NFC transponder (tag) that you can read with any smartphone, without the need for an app. Pre-programmed instructions are executed when reading an NFC tag. Each tag has its own unique traceable identity. An NFC tag is no more than a chip with an antenna, often incorporated in a sticker, card or key ring. These are also available in a weather-resistant version for outdoor mounting.

Via Secusoft you generate a code that can be scanned with the programming app on your smartphone. This provides the NFC transponder with the correct instructions and data. The security staff can read the NFC transponder at the client's location, after which the smartphone connects to Secusoft. Data such as time, GPS location and transponder ID are directly stored on the server. This makes it possible to keep an exact record of the times worked and, for example, to register the exact arrival and departure times during surveillance and control rounds. This provides insight for both clients and management.

Advantages of NFC tags:

  • Low cost, no equipment required
  • Time registration for the start and end of the shift
  • To be used for checkpoint for control rounds
  • Can also be programmed for other functions
  • Program it yourself or let us program it
  • Suitable for almost all smartphones
  • No apps or software are required to use, just a 4G or WiFi connection

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