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Registering your security work with the team Corp chief tasks of the relevant police unit can entail a lot of extra paperwork. To make this more efficient and, above all, more time-saving, we have built the `Police registration` function in Secusoft. With this you can quickly and easily fill in a registration form, provided with the requested information. The contact details of the police units are already in the system, so your registration will immediately end up in the right place.

How does it work?
It works very simply. To make a new registration, click on the plus sign next to the module. You select the police unit and type of work, and indicate which date and which object it concerns. You will see that the location is immediately supplemented by Secusoft.

Your contact details have already been entered for you, and you can also choose to use a standard text for your registration. This saves you even more time by not having to type the same thing over and over.

Emailed directly to the right person
The e-mail addresses used by the police for these registrations are included in Secusoft, so that you can send your registration form to the correct police unit at the touch of a button. The e-mail addresses and names of contact persons can be found under `Police units/brigades` in the red part of the menu. These can be adjusted manually in Secusoft if necessary.

A copy is always sent to your security company. This way you keep a nice overview and you can immediately see in your history whether you have registered all your activities. The registrations for activities for the police are sent in PDF, and you can also download it in PDF from your overview.

Insert bet list or services
If you work with ununiformed security guards, the police will also want to have a deployment list. With, for example, the names of the employees and their pass numbers, or a list of services including start and end times. You can easily add this in Secusoft.

The advantages:

  • Register security work quickly and easily
  • Registration emailed directly to the appropriate police unit
  • Police email addresses can be edited manually
  • Save time thanks to automatic replenishment by Secusoft
  • Registration forms in PDF for your own administration

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