Automatic calculation of kilometers and travel costs

Travel costs calculation using the TriOpSys Link

According to article 52 of the Collective Labor Agreement for the private security sector, the travel allowance must be calculated using the travel expenses program developed by TriOpSys. Calculating travel costs and kilometers manually is a time-consuming hassle for many planners. From now on you can calculate the travel costs fully automatically when entering the services in the Secusoft schedule.

Within Secusoft planning software it is possible for every company with a TriOpSys / SFPB registration key to calculate the travel costs and kilometers via an automatic API link as prescribed by the collective labor agreement for the security companies. The exact amount to be paid for travel costs via public transport or private transport is immediately displayed and is stored with the service in the timetable. You can find information about applying for the registration key on the website


  • Great time savings for planners
  • Travel costs calculation in accordance with the collective labor agreement for the private security sector
  • Travel costs and kilometers fully automatically calculated via API link with TriOpSys

Google Maps

By using smart techniques that consult Google Maps via an API link, Secusoft can automatically calculate the kilometers driven per shift.

Only the home address of the security guard is entered into the system once and the address of the customer once.

When filling in the grid, Secusoft automatically calculates the distance between the two addresses. In a handy overview you can view all kilometers driven per employee and per customer / client.

Do you also want to easily calculate the travel costs for your security personnel? That is possible with Secusoft!

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