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Supervisory report - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Supervisory report

The surveillance report in Secusoft is designed for reporting different types of controls. With the supervision report, compliance with the COVID-19 measures can be reported to the client in a convenient and efficient manner.

Trip log for high risk valuables transports

For security guards in transport assistance, the supervision report is a useful module for creating and saving a trip log, for example of a high-risk security transport. The log reports are also visible to the client in Secusoft, if he has access to the customer portal.
QR / NFC scans for the relevant client that are registered during the service are automatically displayed here.


  • A handy module for creating COVID-19 / corona measures control reports
  • One place for all your findings of supervision / control of transport guidance
  • Automatic linking of QR / NFC registrations within this service

The supervision report function is a flexible system that can be expanded if necessary. At Secusoft we like to think along with our users in the private security industry. Are you looking for a way to record specific inspection reports, but are you unable to figure it out yourself? Please contact us, we would like to hear your opinion about our reporting software. We will certainly work it out together.

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