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Add checklist to reports - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Add checklist to reports

There are very few people who don't like lists. Using a checklist is efficient, accurate, works faster and ensures that nothing is forgotten. That is why you can add a checklist in Secusoft yourself with your own checklist items to various reports. This way, employees immediately see all relevant questions that need to be answered during the shift.

Link to the right assignment or client
You first create the various checklist items in Secusoft. You add these one by one, where you can choose from an item that must be answered with yes or no, and from items where something must be entered, for example a number. You can also indicate here whether it is a mandatory item or not.

Have you added all relevant items? Then you create a checklist, which you link to a specific object (assignment or client) and to a specific service report. The checklist can be added to the following reports:

  1. Duty reports simple
  2. Duty reports front desk
  3. Duty reports specific
  4. Duty reports extented

Immediately more overview thanks to the checklist in the report

When the employee creates a new report, he or she will immediately see the checklist appear. The employee can save the report in the meantime, if not all mandatory checklist items have been answered by then, a striking red message is displayed. This further reduces the chance that important things will be overlooked or forgotten.

In the report overview, you as a manager can immediately see whether all mandatory checklist items have been answered, or whether answers are still missing.
In this way, with Secusoft you again retain the overview and control, and we all ensure that the time on the work floor can be used as efficiently as possible.

  • The advantages:
  • Quickly create checklists using own checklist items
  • Add checklists to reports
  • Checklist items can be used again and again for different checklists
  • Less chance of forgetting due to relevant and clear checklists
  • Can be used for various reports

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