Mobile surveillance duties

In Secusoft we no longer work with carbon blister cards or with folders full of instructions. Here you have all the information and necessities for carrying out your work in one place. We also keep the driving list for mobile surveillance simple, with the number of tasks to be performed clearly arranged.

The tasks must all be added separately, indicating whether it concerns a one-time or a recurring task. Have you added all tasks, such as closing guidance, inspection rounds outside or inside, and fire and closing rounds? Then you simply put it in a route list (template) for the mobile security guard.

There is room for points for attention and action points for each task. For example, if you indicate that a report must be drawn up, a link will be added immediately so that the security officer ends up on the correct page with one click. Our main goal is to work quickly and efficiently.


  • All tasks are added individually, so room for specific points for attention
  • The mobile surveillance tasks can easily be put in a route list
  • All tasks for the mobile security guard at a glance
  • Ability to add points for attention or action
  • Direct link with `create report` when this is an action item

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