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All employee data in one place - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

All employee data in one place

Digital personnel file
In Secusoft you can store all conceivable data of the employees. The software has many fields for clothing sizes, date on which the security card or other important certificate expires, diplomas obtained, a passport photo, copy of the ID and other documents and even information about the assessment of the service dog. It is a complete HRM system and digital personnel file with many possibilities.

When an employment contract, security card, diploma or other important document is about to expire, you will receive a reminder. Both the employer and the employee receive this reminder 6 weeks, 1 week and 1 day in advance and on the day itself. This way you are always on time to request a new valid document.

- Forgetting birthdays is a thing of the past. If you put the employee's date of birth in Secusoft, you will automatically receive 3 reminders.

- You can create your own classifications and divide the security guards into groups. This is useful if you want to make a selection of, for example, employees who have their VCA or who meet an additional required screening or training.

- You can possibly make documents that you upload visible to the employee. Nowadays, a security guard always has his phone with him, and so via the Secusoft app also a copy of, for example, the security card, driver's license or ID.

A selection of the possibilities:

  • Automatic reminders for expired pass, birthday and 10 more customizable reminders
  • A maximum of 3 security cards can be filled in per employee (e.g. gray and detective card)
  • Passport photo and additional files/photos
  • Obtained diplomas, certificates and test service dog
  • Clothing sizes uniform and materials issued
  • Information about driving license, BSN, WA in case of accidents, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Contact by phone (WhatsApp link) or email at the touch of a button
  • Hour history and file creation
  • Expiration dates of driver's license, VCA, security card, ID, contract, etc.

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