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Emergency reports - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Emergency reports

The calamity report is a ready-to-use report that can be emailed directly to the client. This report is fundamentally different from a normal service report and you use it in case of incidents, irregularities and details that must be reported separately.

With the selected calamity type, essential fields are immediately visible that you should not forget. For example, in the case of calamity type "Suspicious vehicle", the vehicle registration and description fields become visible and the description field becomes visible under "Suspicious person". Other possibilities for which you use the emergency report are, for example, a hole in the fence, water damage, window damage, incident with violence, etc.
All information about the emergency services present, materials used and persons present can also be entered.


  • Indispensable reporting on incidents and details that should not be forgotten
  • Thanks to the available fields, it helps to note down adequate information
  • Direct mailing to the client is possible
  • Extensive information about emergency services, persons present and materials used
  • Instantly add 20 photos or files

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