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Picket report for standby service or telephone service - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Picket report for standby service or telephone service

The standby report is a simple mutation report for standby services, telephone services, dispatchers or standby services. In contrast to all other reports, this report is not linked to a client. It is intended for internal use and one picket report is used for an entire shift.

A practical example
- An operator is on duty on a day or time outside office hours. A security guard calls and reports sick. The operator provides a replacement and records the call and action in the on-call report.
- Then a good customer calls and says that because of traffic jams around the event the security guards really have to leave home on time to avoid being late and also have been given a different parking space. The dispatcher informs the security guards on duty and records everything in the duty report.
- In the meantime, an acquaintance reports a suspicious situation, the dispatcher directs the surveillance service and records it in the on-call report.
- At the end of the shift, a clear report is issued with all actions and reports received by the employee. This makes it clear to the management team or the owner of the security company what is happening.


  • All events and phone calls transparent to the MT
  • Recording of ad-hoc events and their resolution
  • Intended for internal use

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