Hours import Excel

With "Hours import Excel" you can import an Excel hour list. You can use this to check whether all shifts are already in the roster, or you can put all shifts in the roster at once.

This way you can easily upload the duty rosters that must be completed. When you have received an empty schedule from the client, Secusoft will put these services in the system for you. You then only have to assign the outstanding shifts to an employee.

It works like this: Upload a new Excel file (click on the plus sign next to "Hours import Excel"). Give the columns the correct value (date, end time, personnel number, first name, last name, etc.) and match directly from the overview with your timetable to see which shifts still need to be completed. Or use this function to check that all shifts are already in the schedule.

Advantages of this feature:

  • Import duty rosters quickly and easily
  • All services of a new order do not have to be added individually
  • Clear at a glance whether all shifts have been completed by `matching` with your timetable

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