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Secure Messaging System - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Internal messages to employees

Good communication between security guards is essential! And in practice it turns out that this is not always easy. Due to the changing shifts, you cannot always speak to everyone.

When you work with Secusoft, it is very easy to, for example, as a planner, send a message to all security guards to inform them of the schedule changes. Or if there are the rights to do so, you can send messages to each other with colleagues about certain important or deviating situations. You can even create a message that will be sent to everyone. This message will be posted on the Secusoft homepage and you can read it once you are logged in. The message is also sent by e-mail and, thanks to the API link with MessageBird, an SMS can be sent that a message is ready.

As the sender of the message, you can see exactly who has read the message and who has not. It is of course possible to use the user rights to set which employee is allowed to send messages and which not. For the sake of security, you can determine that the message and attachments are only visible after logging into Secusoft. This way, your sensitive company data will not be sent over the mail, but will remain on your server.

Ideal to keep the lines short and to maintain good communication between you and your colleagues. Management has direct insight into all messages sent via Secusoft, from all employees.


  • Entering email addresses is not necessary, simply click in the list
  • 20 photos or documents can be sent along, they can only be seen online (after login/valid link)
  • Only a notification can be sent and then the real message is only visible after logging in
  • Read receipt, also in the log
  • Message can be linked to object/client

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