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Mobile surveillance reports - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Mobile surveillance reports

A report is drawn up in the security industry to register incidents and details. This is no different in the world of mobile surveillance. On a mobile surveillance report, the owner of a security company can see at a glance which checks the employee has carried out, on which objects and at what times. Points for attention and action can be very diverse. The Secusoft Mobile Surveillance Report is therefore an advanced tool with many features, which is built to allow the mobile surveillance operator to perform all activities as efficiently as possible.

To start with, all tasks that the coordinator has placed in the row list (template) are shown in chronological order. That's handy! The current status is also shown for each task; `To do` or `Completed`. When alarms or ad hoc jobs come in between, these can easily be added by the coordinator or the invigilator himself.

If the invigilator no longer has a specific task, he or she can pass that task on to a colleague. The colleague can then accept or decline the task. A mobile security guard can only close his / her shift when all tasks have been completed or transferred to a colleague.

Actions or points for attention are listed for each task. This way you always have all the important data at hand to carry out your work properly. When an action is required, such as creating a lap report, there is a link to create a lap report with the task, so that you can immediately take the requested action.

The advantages:

  • Service progress reports in one overview
  • Status bar shows how far your service has progressed
  • Log in and out at the touch of a button
  • Tasks can optionally be moved to a colleague
  • Logout after the last task has been completed or rolled over
  • (Lap) reports created with one click of the mouse
  • Ad hoc jobs can be added
  • All tasks of one service clearly arranged underneath each other
  • All tasks in chronological order

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