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Surveillance combination report - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Surveillance combination report

Especially for mobile surveillance, Secusoft has the ability to accurately keep track of the times and details of the mobile surveillance officers. Fixed route lists / object lists can be automatically loaded and all alarm messages that come in between can be added.

Matters such as number of kilometers driven, mileage, damage to official car and incomplete inventory can be reported.

Surveillance combination report
If several objects or inspections have to be carried out for one client during a shift, then all observations, times and reports can be put in one combined report. This report can be e-mailed directly to the client, who can clearly and clearly see at what times the security guard visited which objects.
For example: You have a large construction company as a customer with 5 construction sites that each have to be checked 3x per night. You can put this in one combination report and send it as one report at the end of the shift.


  • Good overview of all actions and tasks during the surveillance service
  • Insight into kilometers driven, damage and inventory
  • Easily add up to 20 photos to the report
  • Combined report for several objects to be checked for one client

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