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View and change holiday hours - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

View and change holiday hours

Keeping track of all employees` vacation hours can be a complicated task, but not with Secusoft. We automate a number of things for you, so that you can keep an overview faster and easier, and with which you can easily cancel and add holiday hours.

Book all annual holiday hours at once
With the Holiday hours module you can see at a glance whether the annual holiday hours have been added, and if this has not happened or not yet happened for all employees, then you simply select the employee(s) for whom you want to add the annual holiday hours and with one mouse click did that happen.

If there are any particularities or points of interest, you will see this in the overview in a striking red text.

Holiday hours overview per employee per year
This module also offers you insight into the number of additional and canceled holiday hours per employee, per year. You can use the search filter to search by name, year and transaction type. So you can change holiday hours from the schedule.

Holiday hours off day automatically debited
If you schedule an employee under `Leave/vacation`, the smart Secusoft software will immediately ask you how many hours you want to write off. This is then deducted from the holiday hours total of the employee concerned, which you will see in the holiday hours overview.

Book manual holiday hours based on appointments
You can also enter this here if special agreements have been made with an employee for extra holiday hours. For example, when the employee has been working in the industry for a certain number of years, and is therefore entitled to extra holiday hours. This provision can also be found in the Collective Labor Agreement for Private Security.

The advantages:

  • View all holiday hours per employee, per year
  • Practical search function for filtering results
  • Easily and quickly book additional annual holiday hours
  • Holiday/leave service immediately deducts the desired number of holiday hours

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