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Change of shifts - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Change of shifts

In addition to all other extensive reports, Secusoft also has a "Service transfer" module. With this module it is possible to create a transfer report in which certain company assets are transferred to another colleague. The report can include all details, equipment / materials, a service car and the like, including any damage. This module contains a self-selectable list of various materials to be transferred and is therefore extremely flexible and fully customizable.

Damage to official car
The report offers a special system to record damage to the car. With the mouse or mobile, the damage can be indicated on the layout of the car by means of red dots. Various layouts of the most common service cars are included in Secusoft software. This file is constantly being expanded.

Handover firearms
For our international customers there is also a possibility to register the transfer of firearms, whereby the brand, serial number and the number of cartridges can be noted.


  • Fast and easy transfer of business assets between employees and services
  • Both employees sign digitally for the transfer
  • Damage to the official car can easily be indicated on the layout of the official car by means of red dots
  • Various official car layouts available in Secusoft
  • Customizable list with various materials to be transferred, such as maglite, walkie-talkie, tablet, etc.
  • For international customers the possibility to use transfer firearms

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