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Hours of CSV export - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Hours of CSV export

With this handy module you can create different templates in Secusoft security software from the timetable. You can then see the specified values in the correct columns from the grid, and save them as PDF or print them.

For example, if you want an hour template for your payroll administration, you can create it in "Hours CSV export". Enter all values, such as layout, and whether you also want to see the totals. Indicate which columns you want to be displayed (e.g. date, employee, travel costs, etc.). Then go to "Grid", and click on `Print current selection` at the bottom of the overviews. You can then indicate which template you wish to view / print. Then you choose, for example, `Payroll administration`.

The advantages:

  • A separate template for each overview
  • Templates that can be arranged yourself are always adapted to your wishes
  • Direct insight into, for example, invoicing, personnel, travel costs, remuneration, etc.

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