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Mutations for enforcers, boas and supervisors - Secusoft B.V. software for security officers

Mutations for enforcers, boas and supervisors

During your work as a boa or enforcer, you must justify your efforts afterwards by means of a mutation. For example, in the case of violence. You can quickly and easily create such a mutation in Secusoft, which you can email directly to your manager.

In this report, the supervisor, boa or enforcement officer changes the circumstances in an objective manner, so that any third party, such as the public prosecutor, gains clear insight into what happened. Thanks to the `Now` button you can easily and quickly add the current time to your changes, and with the GPS button the exact coordinates of the place where you are at that moment.

The mutations can be provided with a standard introductory text, in which you can use dynamic tags can have a number of data entered, such as name, date and time, officer number and number of deed.


  • Easily format special mutations correctly
  • Standard introductory text with dynamic tags is possible
  • Findings added quickly with one click
  • Space for adding additional events
  • Email information directly to supervisor
  • Document includes name of reporter and date, time and place

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