Company assets

With Secusoft, the description and registration of company assets is well organized with the "Company assets" module. This function is particularly useful for security companies with quality marks such as VEB or ISO certificates, as the description and registration of the issuance of company assets is a necessary part when a company in the security sector wants to bear a recognized security label.

With this module you have an overview of your assets at a glance. You can immediately see how many flashlights, telephones, earphones, personal protection and communication equipment and more you have. You can also see directly at `issue` where - or with whom - each product is located at that moment.

When registering and describing specific items, such as mobile phones, it is also possible to enter unique data such as IMEI and PUK code. This way you always have this important information at hand.

You can optionally add photos to each item.


  • Accurately describe your assets and register them as a general or specific item
  • Linked data, such as an IMEI or PUK code, is always at hand with Secusoft
  • Clearly in one overview where, or with which employee, each product is
  • Registration of (issue of) your business assets is therefore in accordance with the standard of recognized security labels in the security industry
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